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    What is Scientific Method?

    Scientific Method

    Step 1: Observation and formulation of a question

    The first step in the scientific method is to make an observation when completing research. From this observation we come up with a question we want to investigate to find the answer. For example the question could be: Are there more fish inside or outside of a Marine Reserve?

    Step 2: Data collection and hypothesis creation

    Once we have developed the question we must collect data to analyse. We also need to come up with a hypothesis. A hypothesis is an assumption made based off some evidence. For example the hypothesis could be that there are more fish inside a Marine Reserve compared to outside.

    Step 3: Testing the hypothesis

    The next stage is to test whether the hypothesis is correct and this is completed by conducting experiments.

    Step 4: Analysis and conclusion

    Lastly, once testing is completed analysis is completed and a conclusion on the question is made.

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