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    What is a Marine Reserve?

    A marine reserve is a protected area of the sea where no fishing or taking of anything – living or dead – is allowed. Marine reserves have clear defined boundaries and can span from the sandy shoreline many kilometres out to sea. The animals and plant life in the marine reserve are protected by law and cannot be fished or removed from the reserve.

    When an area has been a reserve for long enough, it becomes a living treasure trove full of fish and other sea creatures. The numbers of species that are fished, like snapper and crayfish, are much higher inside marine reserves than out. They also grow much bigger, and because bigger fish produce many more eggs, this leads to even more fish.

    School of Blue maomao Poor Knights Islands Marine Reserve

    What can you do in a Marine Reserve?

    • Boat
    • Walk along the shore
    • Snorkel
    • Swim
    • Play and go diving

    What can you NOT do in a Marine Reserve?

    • Fish
    • Disturb animals
    • Gather shellfish
    • Litter
    • Take things away


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