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Spyfish Aotearoa

A citizen science and machine learning approach to identify fish in baited underwater videos.

School of Blue maomao Poor Knights Islands Marine Reserve

School of Blue maomao in Poor Knights Islands Marine Reserve.
Photo by the New Zealand Department of Conservation

A pair of blue cod, an endemic fish of New Zealand

A biodiversity hotspot

Over half of the 17,000 marine species in New Zealand can not be found anywhere else in the world.
School of Blue maomao Poor Knights Islands Marine Reserve

How many?

Counting how many fish are in the ocean and how different threats like fishing, pollution and climate change influence marine ecosystems is a great challenge.

Moki fish photographed as part of a baited underwater video survey

Baited underwater video

A camera pointing to a bait is an ideal non-invasive method to monitor fish populations.

Biologists use this method to know more about the abundance of carnivorous and scavenger fishes.

Underwater photo of snappers facing forward

Hours and hours of footage

Baited underwater videos provide crucial information on the populations of fish species. However, the manual classification of the footage is time consuming.

Wildlife.ai is developing a citizen science and machine learning approach to classify target fish species from underwater footage recorded around Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Spot the fish!

The first version of Spyfish Aotearoa is online, join us and help identify New Zealand fish in [...]

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