We are thrilled to announce that Wildlife.ai is now a part of the accelerator program within Subak Australia!

The term “Subak” roots in 9th century Indonesia, where it represented a cooperative system devised by rice farmers to facilitate water-sharing, helping them to prosper and flourish despite different environmental circumstances. Drawing inspiration from this harmonious approach, Subak applies the same principles to the realm of data to effect profound systemic change by building a worldwide ecosystem of data-driven innovators dedicated to addressing pivotal climate challenges and preserving our planet’s nature.

We are genuinely delighted to be part of the Subak family and ready to make the most out of this awesome opportunity to sustainably turn our wildest conservation dreams into reality!

Wildlife,ai team posing near a window

To learn more about this initiative, look up the interview with Victor Anton, the founder of Wildlife.ai: Subak Member Spotlight: Wildlife.ai

Meanwhile, we invite you to get involved in conservation from your own couch by contributing to our project Spyfish Aotearoa by helping to identify species on Baited Underwater Videos. New videos from Tāwharanui, a reserve just north of Auckland, are now up!