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Pepeketua ID

A pattern recognition software that facilitates the individual identification of Pepeketua, New Zealand endemic frogs.

Archey's frog. Photo by Auckland's Zoo.

Close up of Archey’s frog.
Photo by Auckland Zoo

Archey's frog. Photo by James Reardon

Unique frogs

Instead of croaking, New Zealand’s native frogs use chemicals to communicate with each other.
Archey's frog in the field. Photo by James Reardon

Threatened species

Unfortunately, three of the six species of New Zealand frogs have become extinct.

Biologists are monitoring Archey’s, Maud Island’s and Hamilton’s frogs to ensure they don’t follow the same fate.

Archey's frog in a mirror stage. Photo by DOC.

A mirror stage

To monitor Archey’s frogs, biologists need to identify each individual frog based on their skin markings.

They use a mirror stage to photograph the frogs from multiple angles and make the identification easier.

Archey's frog on fern. Photo by James Reardon.

Individual ID

Identifying each frog is very labour intensive and requires trained observers and high quality photos. is developing a pattern recognition software that facilitates the individual identification of Archey’s frogs.

This open-source software will help biologists to quickly process images and guide an effective conservation management of the species.

ID software – A review

This overview compares different individual identification (‘matching’) software that could be potentially used to identify Archey’s frogs. [...]

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